**Woodrow (Woody) Hancock’s uncle offers him two wagers. First, he could make Woody find a wife sooner than he wants, and second, Woody would build the home for unwed pregnant girls they’ve both dreamed about, and both would happen by the end of next year. But Woody declines the outrageous wagers because he’s not ready to get married, nor does he have the funds to build the home. **

**When his uncle dies just after the new year, Woody inherits his uncle’s beautiful farm. In addition, $186 million ‘could’ become his, plus $23 million for a home for unwed pregnant girls, but ‘if’, and only ‘if’, he’s married by July. Or all the funds will be forfeited to an abortion clinic, a place he abhors. Hounded by fortune seekers, Woody is forced into hiding and starts working at a pregnancy center. The Covid pandemic sweeps the country and the center relocates to Woody’s farm where he’s secluded with four lovely women. But despite the women’s deceptions and secrets, he hurries to woo one of them as his lucky bride. **

When he selects a woman and they marry, his problems multiply. As Woody and his inherited wife attempt to fulfill his uncle’s second wager of building the home for pregnant girls, they must endure threats, fire, lawyers, inspections, and a gun. They struggle to maintain their sanity against someone who vows their downfall. Can they survive the ever-increasing turmoil before they lose it all, or worse?

  • Novel: Completed
  • Audience: General Audience
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Length: 71,000 words
  • Status: Published on Amazon
  • Summary: A successful businessman connives a circus-style job fair to find a replacement for his executive assistant