Mr. Johansen, a successful businessman, connives a circus-style job fair to replace his executive assistant. Charlotte applies to his online advertisement, and things don’t proceed well when his partner viciously opposes her Christian beliefs.

During the application process, Matthew escorts Charlotte though the myriad of difficulties, but when Mr. Johansen selects Charlotte as one of the top three candidates, his partner unleashes a whirlwind of chaos which sends her to the hospital. After a judge issues a subpoena, her life takes off in a direction she never imagined and is forced into seclusion. While she’s hiding with Matthew, his youthful past resurfaces to entangle her in sordid events he believed were long forgotten.

Can Charlotte extricate herself from the enmeshing web of Matthew’s childhood? Can she land the top job she’s only dreamed about? Can Matthew forgive himself for the sins of his past? Can Charlotte forgive him for his deception?

  • Novel: Completed
  • Audience: General Audience
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Length: 71,000 words
  • Status: Published on Amazon
  • Summary: A successful businessman connives a circus-style job fair to find a replacement for his executive assistant