Writing Resources, Author Websites, and other fun things 

Randy Ingermanson - Here is an intelligent, crazy writer guy. Check out his Scam

Mary DeMuth - Mary is a marvelous lady and friend. She has helped me with ideas, suggestions, and cautions

Camy Tang - Camy is a super exuberant writer who spotted a ton of goofs in my manuscript. Check out her blog and her section for Writer’s Resources

ACFW - American Christian Fiction Writers - An excellent place to meet writers and learn about the craft.

Suzanne Hartmann - An excellent series of THE TOP TEN MISTAKES OF NEW FICTION WRITERS. She provides samples of each mistake, examples, suggested corrections, and other pertinent information. Check it out.

Emmert Family Genealogies - Detailed lists of our eight genealogical families - Enjoy your search.

Additional Family Genealogies - More genealogies - Enjoy your search.