In 1978, Spencer (Spence) Edwards hasn’t been on a date in over a year and is ultra-picky about who he’ll ask out because of the promise he made to his mother to honor God. In their annual wager, his best friend bets that if Spence asked Patti, who is wealthy and the most beautiful girl in the senior class, she would refuse him three times. A teacher partnered Patti with Spence in a class project and he ventured to ask her on a date. She said ‘no’ (Strike One).

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But when forbidden circumstances place them together, his stellar reputation takes a nosedive. Angry parents, horse rides, friends chanting rumors, semi-trucks, and snow storms generate friction that inserts a wedge between him and Patti. Romance must take a back seat while he sorts through a myriad of roadblocks to win the wager. God seems to have withdrawn, and after he’s falsely accused of the unthinkable, he considers giving up … almost.

  • Novel: Completed
  • Audience: General Audience
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Length: 78,000 words
  • Status: Published on Amazon
  • Summary: A friend wagers Spencer can’t get a date with a wealty, beautiful girl

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