Complete Novel

Rabbit Tails

Audience: General Audience
I was raised on a family farm near central Iowa, where Corn, Beans, Dairy, Beef, Chickens, Pigs, and a Horse were part of my upbringing. The rural area and the Christian community stamped me as an outdoor person. Hunting rabbits was as much a part of me as was plowing, making hay, and caring for livestock. Part of my life was spent raising the furry animals as pets and for the dinner table.

                                                   I’m called ‘Rabbit’.
I picked up that "handle" after catching seven of the furry animals without firing a shot.

      Tails (Tales) in the book:
Chapter 1 – Rabbit Gets a Name
Chapter 2 – Rabbit and Revenge
Chapter 3 – Rabbit and the Skunk
Chapter 4 – Rabbit and the Tornado
Chapter 5 – Rabbit goes Swimming
Chapter 6 – Rabbit finds an Answer
Chapter 7 – Rabbit, Smokey, and the Cat
Chapter 8 – Rabbit and the Horse
Genre: Tails (Tales) of a Boy
Length: 13,000 words
Status: Complete Published
Summary: First Person Tails (Tales) of the Author
Publication: On Amazon
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