Michael's Writing
Shunning Ida Mae
WIP - Gifted Heart
Sample Story: Under the Oak
Michael was raised in a Church of the Brethren family in central Iowa. The Brethren are cousins to the Mennonite and Amish folk. At an early age it became evident that his church and congregation were different from other parts of society, and this piqued his interest to better understand those differences and what made these people to be set apart.

Michael graduated from a church college in Kansas and spent the next fifteen years as a missionary in Africa with his wife. He has written different articles and some were published in an organization's magazine. His writing includes a novella, two novels (one is shunning Ida Mae) and is working on a third. His interest and studies about the Amish people, their culture and beliefs are shared within this story.
Beth's Wish
Sample Story: Family Visit