The uncle of Woodrow (Woody) Hancock wants to bet he could force Woody into getting married. Woody declines the outlandish wager. When his uncle dies, Woody inherits a farm.

But he will also inherit $186 million “if” he’s he’s married within four months, or else he’ll forfeit the funds to an abortion clinic, a place he loathes because his mother nearly aborted him. Woody’s potential bonanza reaches the ears of a hoard of girls and he’s forced into hiding while working at a women’s pregnancy center.

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the country and the center’s staff relocate to Woody’s farm to continue providing services for unplanned pregnancies. While he’s secluded with five lovely women, Woody hurries to woo one of them as his lucky bride.

Jane fled college without providing a complete explanation. Cherri is running from her home and knows more than she lets on. Lynn’s sordid past catches up with her. Ann’s baby was stolen after she left the hospital. Sally is attempting to supervise this flock of misfit girls.

That’s when Woody’s plans go belly-up and each woman slips through his fingers with time quickly running out.

  • Novel: Completed
  • Audience: General Audience
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Length: 80,000 words
  • Status: Published on Amazon
  • Summary: The uncle of Woodrow (Woody) Hancock wants to bet he could force Woody to marry

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