Hi, I'm Michael Emmert, and welcome to my website.

Who knew I would become a writer, I didn't. That task was buried so far down on my To Do list I don't recall seeing it. My first attempt at a novel has been tucked away and will probably never see the light of day. Over the past several years my love for writing and reading fiction has grown ten fold. I enjoy a well written novel.

On this website you'll be introduced to my completed novel (see below), my current project (WIP), a little about myself, my walk of faith, and other tidbits. Get a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, relax, prop up your feet, and browse. Take your time. Hey, if it interests me, maybe you’ll like it too.


Those who dance, appear insane to those who do not hear the music.

Those who believe, appear ignorant to those who do not know God. © 2006 M.R. Emmert


Genre:       Historical Amish Fiction

Length:     Approximately 88,000 words

Status:      Complete - Soon to be published.

Audience: Adult Female 20-50

Summary: The shunning of an 1886 young Amish


In 1886, Ida Lapp, a plucky Pennsylvania woman, secretly loves an Englisher, something strictly forbidden by the Amish Ordnung. When discovered by her parents, her penalty forever changes her life and sends her on a journey to face persecution, at the same time she desires the impossible—to return home to a family who despises her.

On an Iowa farm, Anna dies and leaves Joseph Melroy with the daunting task of raising two small children. Faced with the heartache of losing his wife, looming financial troubles, and a promise he is loathe to keep, he must do something he’d not thought possible in order to survive the attempts of the area’s only unmarried woman to corral him before a preacher, and to do it before she ruins everything.

Ida seeks the job to care for Joseph’s youngsters and discovers that only a marriage to the English outsider can extract her from a homeless situation. She acquiesces to a loveless union on the condition she can walk away.

Immersed into a local setting where few people comprehend her Amish background, she endures whispers, side-glances, and outright hatred from the town’s gossip who claims matrimonial rights to Joseph. The woman learns of the late night wedding, and spews her venom against Ida.

Shunned by her family, and circumventing barbs by those who don’t approve of her, Ida must navigate the corridors of a vastly different culture. Will she stick with Joseph? Will Joseph save the farm? Will Ida return home to parents who want nothing to do with her?

This Website is Copyright Michael Emmert, 2011

Shunning Ida Mae

Prepublished novel